SGMmarketing SEO And Link Building Methods

It has long been proven that not all links are created equal. That begs the questions, "Which links are greatest?" And "How do I know whether I am getting great links?"

The solution is straightforward, if hyperlinks are simple to obtain, their worth and price are anticipated to be reduced. Low quality links include bags typically in the kind of a punishment, decreased positions or a warning on your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Premium quality links are more challenging to obtain; they take the time to supply and also the very best links are constructed manually, one by one. We concentrate on those links, higher quality links which offer long term rank price.

In SGMmarketing we concentrate on two kinds of hyperlinks, Premium Links and Contextual Links. Read about both under.

Premium Links

we can offer links and content on reputable sites
  • Premium Links have long been accessible only to PR agencies and the industry elites. Now, we can offer links and content on reputable sites such as Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Miami Herald,, Chicago Tribune, and many others.

Contextually Relevant Links

Content (or links) without context is meaningless! Would you rather have two links on unrelated pages or one link on a relevant page? Context is everything and Google knows that!
  • Google’s awareness of what a page is about is truly astonishing. Google is able to return results not just based on words and phrases but through an extensive algorithm called latent semantic indexing (or latent semantic analysis). This means that Google knows the words “dentist”, “tooth” and “pain” are all related even though the words stand alone. This is why context is important!
Rank #1 with our Premium links
HIGH DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA) Want DA 70+ links? Not a problem!
We provide contextual links
LINKS ON RELATED PAGES! You don’t have to go organic to get the full flavor and benefits of our links!

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