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Welcome to SGM Marketing

admin@ngsi-dz.tk ,Published on 2019-03-06 05:49:19

Details about Welcome to SGM Marketing

2019-03-06 05:49:19

SGM Marketing says hello to all.


I’m finally proud to announce that SGM Marketing (Beta*)from the main idea before 6 years started to get finalized concept and own place in the online world.

In short to be clear what SGM means.SGM is not anyway associated with SGM Marketing GMBH from Germany.

SGM means simple “SEO Google Method”.

The need for building the SGM website was to provide the online presence of our work done in the last 19 years. So yeah, when you will hire us you have in mind that old veterans from the SEO world are working on your projects. Not some kids who seek loopholes and fast earnings. We are dedicated to a fully sustainable process of SEO who will generate traffic-targeted one, leads and most important will generate money-revenue.

Today SGM

We will not brag about our self, but just telling how many years we are present in places as BH Market or BHW or Warrior just will give you real image who we are and what we can achieve for your projects.

Just for the show in the last 2 years, we worked on projects for our clients we generate total growth and revenue of over 9 million USD.

For some on this number is Big as for us, for someone is small.

The real SEO World Work demands a lot of work, discipline, and dedication.

Nothing comes easy. We are not affiliates to change our mentality from buyer to seller just because of one reason “We strive to develop and bring online one of the best methods that Search engine will ever know that exist“.

About mentality “changing from buyer to seller” we will have words in a few articles posted here. This will give you a change of prospect area and overall thinking what the heck is going on.

The area of Digital Marketing is so wide that we don’t even know from where to begin to share our experience. Experience matters in SEO and Digital Marketing.

Some on will ask how so?

Well, Digital Marketing is a business where you don’t have a second chance.

I bet that no one told you that. You don’t have a second chance, period.

Is your first project or last there is no matter.

Years of sleepless nights will just tell you that we are demanded and asked on market.

SGM in Future

Some on told us that we needed a website before 10 years. You know what we were so busy that we don’t have any time to make it. Even now in process of SEO, creating AdWords campaign today we face with lack of workforce for creating new websites, creating content, images you name it.

Hope a lot will not get mad because I develop this website from scratch in just 2 days. So how are design and functionality, hope will like it?

Throw us a few words about the design, maybe to get better .Believe me if I don’t finish it now, it will not go online.

That’s the truth.

Always something will pop up as much important, some client or member of BHW will need help and so on.

Time is an asset that we don’t have so much.

That’s the main premise why we dedicate our self to create better ways, methods or techniques in Digital Marketing.

Our experience just helps us to gather one by one and to get maybe a frame of the big picture of how Digital Marketing works. This is how Marketing Farming Technique was born. Still yet a very powerful thing.More powerful than the Skyscraper Technique that Brian Dean invented and started with Backlinko.

We will throw some words about it also. We will try not to get into so much but will give a general idea what is it and how you will have benefit from it.

That’s enough for start I think. Hope your stay on our blog will be pleasant even better if you become our client will be a worthy experience for you.

Welcome to SGM Marketing – SGM Marketing


Welcome to SGM Marketing

SGM Marketing says hello to all. Introduction I’m finally proud to announce that SGM Marketing (Beta*)from the main idea before 6 years started to get finalized concept and own place in the online world. In short to be clear...

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