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rank on #1 spot on Google

why its important to rank on highest positions on big G?

Why is really important to rank on #1 spot on Google Search Engine?

We will start with some small example:
If you go to the Search bar on Google and enter the words "SEO for Small Business".
You will get more or less these results
SEO for Small
Business Google results

You are getting the following data:170 mill search queries for that phrase and monthly volume search of 1.3k  with average CPC 22$ per click.
I use one quick neat Google Chrome extension which you can see and it's awesome.
I just use values as a reference because sometimes because delay there are not accurate so must make own due diligence to figure out how strong/tough is your niche and what are real numbers.

Next when you get on Google Trend for the particular keyword "SEO for small business" you will notice that is not the best period of "trending" of that particular keyword.
Why is that is full another story which I will write full and in depth to understand why some keywords who have higher commercial intent are not so much searched over one year Next Time.
But this is not true for all regions or particular city which I call them megacities as New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles or particular states as California let say in the USA.
Ah let back to results.
seo for small
business google trends chart
So let's unwrap the calculations.
Lets back to see what at real numbers.
In this case, the target is the USA.
This keyword as I know perform 100% trend in several, or at least in one or two sub-regions.
Here are the trends in sub-regions.
seo for small
business chart for the usa sub-regions
What does this mean?
This means that in the current state of 20% trend Google shows us that the keyword has monthly volume searches 1.3k exactly.
In the highest trend in the USA in all total 12 sub-regions if number 1.3k is overall this means that total monthly volume searches are 6.5k for that particular keyword.
From the following image, we can determine what is the intent of the keyword.
seo for small
business cost topic
And as you can see in the image the projected way is that in the near future will increase and the intent of keyword is the cost.
Every SM's seek an answer to the question "How much will cost me SEO for my small business?" which rightfully shows the commercial intent to buy that service.
Now, someone will say that my numbers are wrong that the trend will tell us that 20% from 1.3k is exactly number so its come to a number of 260 monthly volume searches and 100% trend in New York with millions of small businesses who seek SEO help or services.
Yes,  maybe if I obey on data that Google will serve us.
I'm talking about data which I pull from my own experience and huge knowledge about SMB's, especially in the USA.
Finally to see how is data in the worldwide picture.
seo for small
business international trend
Its show about more than 40% trend and signs that this keyword monthly volume searches over time will increase.
Now we are sure that at least in the moment we have 6.5k monthly volume searches.
According to Google and the latest case studies of the distribution of clicks is established that:

  • over 80% of people on Google Search Engine don't click on paid ads on big G, unless if you seek fast and emergency solution as a plumber, construction company and so on.
  • 34% of the clicks belong to the #1 spot on Google
  • 16% of the rest clicks belong to the #2 spot on Google and
  • only 3% belongs to #3 spot on Google search engine.

In this situation is quite obvious in distribution over the clicks that my number of 6.5k is more likely to be more real than 260 clicks per month.
So let do the math.
  • #1 spot gets 2.210 clicks
  • #2 spot gets 1.040 clicks and
  • #3 spot get only 195 clicks.

This is why everyone fight to rank on #1 spot on google and not just for this keyword but also for many other keywords which are known as Long tails keywords trough you can also accumulate traffic and are also with the same intent of the keyword which we took as an example.


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